What is not included?

Site development costs, permits, decks, furniture, garages, HVAC unit, solar system, utilities, washer, dryer, home transportation and installation costs.

What is the average construction cost?

There is no average. Each construction bid is property specific. That is why for local projects, we arrange for a licensed general contractor to meet with you at your property and discuss your needs and project expectations.

Do you ship only to Northern California?

We are now accepting Eco Home orders for all of California , in addition to some neighboring states. As the homes are built to the U.S. HUD federal building code, it is often easier to obtain permits in any county as we have federal approved engineered stamped plans. The federal code supercedes local codes.

Can you replace an old home?

Yes! Very quickly and efficiently to reduce any displacement time!

Can I customize the plan?

Yes! Our factory building technology allows us to build an Eco Home in almost any size and style you may want. You collaborate directly with a designer to create and modify one of our plans to be the home you want! We even have some clients who bring in plans from catalogs or other companies! There are a few factory and HUD code requirements we must conform to, but you are mainly limited to the transportation width and height constraints. The rest is up to your imagination, taste, and budget! As a Green Home Designer, I can help you create a custom home that will meet your needs, while maintaining Green Architectural Design Principles and sustainable building practices!

How does the financing work?

There are a number of companies we refer who specialize in construction to permanent loans. The process is no different than most home loans including interest rates, terms, appraised value and down payment.

Can I do my own construction?

You can choose to do most of your own construction. An approved licensed installation contractor must arrange the delivery and installation of your new home. We have a full integrated project team to help you with every phase of your building project!

What is a Granny Home?

A secondary residence on a property which has an existing home. Secondary Homes are our specialty!

Am I limited to a certain size home with a Granny House?

Most secondary homes can be up to 1200 sqft. This rule varies depending on county and property size.

Is there an age requirement with a granny house?

Not in most case. There are counties which have home design and age requirements for a granny flat; however, they may also offer an alterative permit which does not have the same requirement. Or experts can visit your property and discuss your needs and the home installations options open to you!

Do you work with developers and state/county officials?

Yes! We have plans designed specifically for neighborhoods, affordable housing, cottages, shared housing, tribal placements, city infill projects, and urban / rural redevelopment programs! American Home Sales is also State of California preferred vendor.

How do I get started?

We have streamlined the process to be as hassle free as possible. You make the main decisions and then our integrated project team goes to work for you!

step 1 - Obtain your land

Once you have purchased land, or are in escrow, you will work directly with a designer to begin a "start up package" and decides on a basic home plan . We arrange for a qualified contractor who specializes in manufactured home installation to meet with you at the proposed home site. The contractor will prepare a comprehensive bid to include everything required to develop the property: permits, county fees, foundation, septic, well, roads, fire truck access, delivery and installation of the home. And they can also include optional site improvements such as garages, outbuildings, decks, and deluxe-to-simple rainwater catchment system. A rainwater recycling system is a very green option for those concerned with preserving and conserving this most precious natural resource.
There is no fee for this service providing your property is local. We will not begin the design process on your home until after a site assessment has been completed.

step 2 - arrange financing

We have lenders who can accomodate a range of financing needs. Most projects require a Construction Loan which can arrange the payoff of your land (if needed) as the initial draw. Once construction is complete, your loan will be converted to a traditional home loan.

Construction Loans are often set up as interest-only or with deferred payments . They are distributed as progressive "draws," and disburse as work is completed on the project.

It is most important you choose a financial institution that can accommodate the draw schedule associated with factory home construction. The specifics for the construction draw schedule will be designed by the lender and approved by you. Our integrated project team will provide you with referrals to lenders who are respected, reasonable, reliable and prefab home friendly.

step 3 - time to design!

After you have completed your preliminary financing, approved the construction bid, and estimated your home building budget, you will then work with one of our designers to complete your home plan, customization, options, finishes, etc.

step 4 - home production & site construction

Once your permits are approved, the contractor will notify us when to release production on your home. The home is built in the factory while your site is being prepared. The factory lead time varies, call for current lead time 530.885.4555.

step 5 - delivery & installation

Your contractor will arrange to have your new home delivered to your site by truck and placed on the foundation. Once your home is installed, all remaining site improvements (decking, sidewalks, garage) are completed and a final inspection is ordered from the county.

step 6 - final details

After your home has passed inspection, your lender will typically convert your construction loan into a permanent loan. The service crew will finish with all of the small details, complete accessory buildings: decks, garages, sidewalks, etc. At that time we arrange for a walk thru to hand you the keys to your new home!

In most cases, the entire process takes usually less than 6 months.