A Better Way to Go Green

Building a manufactured home versus a standard 'site-built' home makes green certification easier. In all, the factory built home process takes care of about 10 percent of the points toward certification, which puts manufactured home construction ahead of the curve compared to a site builder.

By nature, manufactured homes are generally better-sealed, and the factory construction process itself minimizes waste. Home manufacturers receive much of the wood pre-cut to length and then have programs for recycling any extra, which also helps earn points. Many of the materials that the manufacturers are already using are green, even though they aren't necessarily marketed that way.

With consumers becoming more aware of energy costs and becoming more environmentally conscious in general, the consensus is that green is the color of the future for builders and buyers alike. Eventually, the home-buying public is going to demand that their homes be built this way.

From start to finish, American Home Sales works with you, assisting with the design of your new home, building requirements, financing referrals and your construction coordination.

Sit down with us and select your new home from our catalog of floor plans ranging from 600 square feet to over 3,000 square feet, or we can custom design a plan that's just right for you. Vaulted ceilings or High flat ceilings, custom kitchens, garden tubs, additional rooms and exciting exterior designs are a few of the ways that your manufactured home becomes truly customized, just the way you visualize it!

Our team of designers can work to help you achieve the design you want and help blend the home to harmonize with the surrounding neighborhood.